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grr..not sure why those aren't working...well the one i work for posted wrong.
Work At home Agent (West Corp)

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For anyone who tries the 4 links above, the only one I could get to work was the one to Alpine Access. Maybe someone else will get through ! Holly And I also wanted to say : Thank you Tanya for adding to my work at home page ! If we all keep helping each other find information , we will all get to our destinations faster !

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Hi, Here is some more information on working from home. The one I'm working for is this one, m/default.asp , you need the internet and a home line phone and a headset. This one you are self employed, contracted out through them. A lot of the calls you will get are processing orders for like the home shopping network and so on. The lowest it pays is .17 cents a min, some jobs pay more that you take on. There is a couple of others that I know of, this one i think you work for them as an employee and with benifits, there are others. I found these from this article http://www.careerjournal.c om/columnists/workfamily/20060 127-workfamily.html and ory?id=2378167&page=1 The one I am working for doesn't require you to pay for anything. They are hiring people, the last time I heard! God Bless Tanya
Work at Home Agent (West Corp)
Alpine Access
Career Journal Article
Good Morning America Article

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